Here you will find firmware to your Logic Group devices (former Logic Soft and Logic Home Control).

Firmware is updated by means of “Over The Air” (OTA) device update. It is not required to connect these devices to a controller or a PC via cable as the device firmware can be updated directly over the Z-Wave wireless system.

The firmware files that can be downloaded from here has file extension .OTA. In some controllers it is required that files must have file extension .HEX. In these cases the file can just be renamed as the firmware file is already a hexfile.

Please contact if you are missing any material or have questions about our firmware.

Use our new Firmware Loader Common PC Application for Over-The-Air firmware updates. The application can be used for any Logic Group device, just download and unzip the desired .OTA or .OTZ file from our list below to use with the application.

See the guide for instructions (in Danish only).

NB. Do not use a USB Z-Wave Interface that are in use for a running controller, as the firmware update software will completely reset the interface!


Z-Wave coupler for GIRA

Firmware version 2.02:
Control LEDs by Z-Wave commands (Command Class Basic Set) by setting configuration parameters 4-9 (value 8).

NB. After doing an update of a ZHC5002 device to firmware version 2.x from a version 1.x, it is required to remove the device from the network and re-add it!
Older firmware versions

Firmware version 2.01:
Supports security (S0) for secure adding of ZHC5002.
This firmware still supports commands from non-secure devices when configuring to accept non-secure commands (see configuration parameters 27 – 32).

Download “ZHC5002 Firmware version 2.01 (OTA)” – Downloaded 229 times – 88 KB


Z-Wave Switch Module

Firmware version 2.03 (Not Z-Wave Plus certified):
This Firmware version solves the issue where the VERA controller gets stucked in the inclusion process with the message: “Purging Associations”.

NB. After doing an update of a ZHC5010 device to firmware version 2.x from a version 1.x, it is required to remove the device from the network and re-add it!
Older Firmware versions

Firmware version 2.02 (Not Z-Wave Plus certified):

Includes the following corrections and enhancements (firmware update 2.00-2.02):

  • Correction of a minor bug where Multilevel Switch commands sent from the Controller (or other devices) to ZHC5010 wasn’t sent further to devices in the ZHC5010 device association groups.
  • Supports security (S0) so that ZHC5010 can be added securely.
  • It is also possible to configure that Z-Wave commands sent to devices in each of the ZHC5010 association groups are sent non-secure in order to support non-secure devices (see configuration parameters 33 – 36). This firmware version will function in both secure and non-secure installations.

Download “ZHC5010 Firmware version 2.02 (OTA)” – Downloaded 220 times – 87 KB

Firmware version 1.12 (not Z-Wave Plus certified):

This firmware version includes the following corrections and enhancements (firmware update 1.10-1.12):

  • Fine-tuning of the button detection timing, see configuration parameters 28 – 32.
  • Possibility of controlling the LED’s by means of standard Basic Set on/off commands, so now all Controllers/Gateways will be able to fully control the LED’s (Configuration parameters 3 – 6, value 8).
  • Correction of an issue in relation to HomeSeer network controllers with older USB network interfaces, that makes it almost impossible to include ZHC5010 into the controller.

Download “ZHC5010 Firmware version 1.12 (OTA)” – Downloaded 229 times – 80 KB

Firmware version 1.09 (Z-Wave Plus certified):

This firmware version is the latest Z-Wave Plus certified firmware, with following corrections and enhancements (update 1.03-1.09):

  • Corrected: fault in dimmer-command sent to light dimmers could result in that the light was regulated very fast for some dimmer types (especially AEOTEC dimmers), it was practically impossible to regulate the light to a certain level – the fault has been corrected in this firmware version.
  • Improved event handling; it will now ensure that all pending messages will be sent to the devices in the association groups, even when new button activations (or incoming command messages) are made while sending out messages.
  • Improved handling of incoming notifications in order to better serve the proxy mode.
  • New relay modes (see configuration parameter 15 in the user manual).
  • Allow double-press central scene notification, even when the house cleaning mode is disabled.
  • Improved button driver; button double-press is now interpreted as only one event (not first a single-press and then a double press).
  • Corrected fault in that incoming button command messages did not make a correct activation of devices in the Multilevel Switch association groups.
  • Central Scene Command Class is now presented correctly, only in the root device and not in the sub-devices.
  • The sequence number in the Central Scene notification is now updated correctly in order for the controller to detect duplicate scene notifications.
  • Indicator Command Class version 2 is introduced (see further description in the user manual).
  • When configuration parameters for the LEDs are changed, they will now be reflected immediately.

Download “ZHC5010 Firmware version 1.09 (OTA)” – Downloaded 224 times – 79 KB

ZIF 5028: Interface for Automation Systems

12-24V DC

Z-Wave DIN-rail ZIF module
Former: LHC5028

Firmware version 0.8:
With this update six new input modes have been added, making it possible to specify time functions for each input. This adds a time aspect in the control of light etc. E.g. a (wired) PIR sensor that is connected to an input can control how long time a lamp should be turned on. Or a so called “staircase light” function can be implemented to only turn on a light for a certain time period.

NB. When doing an update of the firmware in ZIF5028 to version 0.8 it will loose its network information and will require re-adding!
Older Firmware versions

Firmware version 0.7:
With this update inputs can control the outputs directly. The standard configuration is that the inputs control the outputs and the inputs are now edge triggered – so that each activation of an input will the toggle the on/off status of the output. This new default behaviour of the module means, that the module now – out of the box – will function as a stepping relay.

Download “ZIF5028 firmware v0.7 (OTZ)” – Downloaded 394 times – 117 KB

NB. When doing an update of the firmware in ZIF5028 to version 0.7 it will loose its network information and will require re-adding!


Type: ZDB5100

Firmware version 1.01 build 8:
Colour Control in Fibaro Home Center is fixed.