On this page, we have collected our most frequently asked questions for you. Please contact us at support@logic-group.com if you have any other questions regarding our products.

How do I buy your products?

You can buy Logic Group products through our distributors.

Se the list of distributorsĀ here.

Can I install your products myself?

Well, that depends. If you are replacing an existing installation then go ahead. Just remember to turn off the mains supply and follow the guidelines in your country.

The Danish guidelines from Sikkerhedsstyrelsen can be found here.

If you are creating a new existing installation, you will need an authorized electrician.

How safe/reliable is your products?

All our products are CE marked an live up to the applicable EN standards and EMC directives. See the technical data of each product.

Furthermore, as a member of the Z-Wave Alliance, our products are Z-Wave certified according to theĀ  Z-Wave requirements. This means that you can use our Z-Wave products in seamless connection with your other Z-Wave products.

Our product has either S0 Security, S2 Security or both, thus protected from hackers.

How much warranty is there on your products?

24 months


Does Homey support Logic Group products?

Basically, no. Logic Group only develops firmware for controllers using the Z-Wave standard.

Homey requires a special app for each product. Some other controllers also require special integration.

Logic Group has previously had an agreement with Ted Tolboom, who has made an app for ZHC5010 and ZHC5002. It is still unknown when apps for other Logic Group products will be available.