ZIF8220: Universal dimmer

ZIF8220 is a light dimmer for your electrical panel. The dimmer is universal with the ability to regulate light from 0-500W, and with wireless Z-Wave communication.


State-of-the-art light dimmer

The dimmer can regulate all types of dimmable light sources all the way down to 0W. The light sources can be individual or in a group up to 500W.

Translates devices to Z-Wave

Connect light sources up to 500W and up to 5 low voltage pushbuttons and get control via the Z-Wave network.

Scene control

The ZIF module allows you to enable predefined scenes in a Z-Wave Controller device.

Wireless Updates

Firmware can be updated via the Z-Wave network (OTA firmware updates).

Easy mounting

Fits into standard M36 DIN rails for easy mounting.

Z-Wave Plus

Based on the Z-Wave Plus 700 Series platform.

ZIF8220: Universal dimmer

1 Dimmer output

Connect a light source or group of light sources up to 500W and get control of it on your Z-Wave network.

5 Control voltages

Connect up to 5 low current pushbuttons and add them to your Z-Wave network.

Inclusion/exclusion in the Z-Wave network is completed by activating a button in the front of the module.

The dimmer module is equipped with an LED diode in the front to indicate status.

Connect your regular
power outlets, relay modules and motors
to your Z-Wave network with
ZIF5020, ZIF5028 or ZIF5029
Connect the sensors
in your home to
your Z-Wave network
with ZIF5020 and ZIF5028
Connect your
underfloor heating system
your Z-Wave network
with ZIF5020
Read your
utility meters
your Z-Wave network
with ZIF5029