ZIF5020: Interface for Underfloor Heating (12-24V)

With ZIF5020 it is possible to connect up to 10 valve actuators for underfloor heating systems and control them over the Z-Wave network. Furthermore, regular sensors or contacts can be connected to the ZIF module and thereby control your Z-Wave devices.

ZIF5020 is a general purpose Z-Wave DIN-rail module with 10 digital ouputs and 4 digital inputs. 

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zwave  Translates devices into Z-Wave

Can be used for controlling up to six 230V AC and/or DC loads through the Z-Wave network. Each relay switch is rated for loads of up to a maximum of 16A.

wifi  Wireless Updates

Firmware can be updated through the Z-Wave network (OTA firmware updates).

scene Scene Control

The ZIF modules makes it possible to activate predefined scenes in a Z-Wave Controller device.

repeater  Improves Z-Wave Network

Acts as a Z-Wave network repeater to increase reliability of the network.

DINrail  Easy Mounting

Fits into a standard M36 DIN rail for easy mounting.

PLUS  Z-Wave Plus

Based on the Z-Wave Plus 500 Series platform.

Model photo. The power supply shown should not be used with actuators in a hydronic floor heating system. See the tab “Additional Information”.

ZIF5020: Interface for Underfloor Heating

input  4 Digital Inputs

Connect up to 4 simple digital sensors, e.g. motion sensors or contacts (wall switches or door/window contacts) to control the Z-Wave devices in your home (e.g. Z-Wave dimmers, motors and power plugs).

output  10 Digital Outputs

Connect up to 10 valve actuators in a hydronic underfloor heating system and get a Z-Wave Controller to perform the heating algorithm. The 10 digital outputs can also be connected to other non-Z-Wave actuators or relay modules, thereby getting control of other home automation systems with Z-Wave.

Initiation of Z-Wave add/remove is fulfilled by activating a push-button through a little hole in the front of the module.

ZIF modules are equipped with an LED diode in the front of the module for indicating status.

ZIF5020, ZIF5028 and ZIF5029 require an external power supply of 10-24V DC. Use as many ZIF modules on the same power supply as you want.

Connect your existing socket
outlets, relay switches and motors
to the Z-Wave network with
ZIF5020ZIF5028 or ZIF5029
Connect the sensors
in your home to
the Z-Wave network
with ZIF5028
Get your underfloor
heating connected to
the Z-Wave network
with ZIF5020
Read your
meters over the
Z-Wave network
with ZIF5029

Additional information

Dimensions (HxWxD)

85 mm x 105 mm x 60 mm (M36 6 module)

Power Supply

24 W (dimension as needed: actuator consumption + 4W), 10 – 24 V DC, 2 terminals, 1 x power, 1 x 0V


Screw terminals 0.2 – 2.5 mm2 / 24 – 12 AWG


18 terminals, 10 x low-side switch, 8 x power supply output, Digital low-side switch, max 60Vdc, 1A


8 terminals, 4 x input, 4 x 0V, Digital potential-free, Max. 10 V DC

Power Consumption

Max. 3.5 W / Standby 0.5 W

Radio Protocol

Z-Wave®: EU 868.4MHz – 500 Series

Radio Range

40 m indoor / 80 m outdoor

Input Impedance



S2 Security


DS/EN 50491-3:2009, DS/EN 60669-2-1, DS/EN IEC 63044-3:2018


Classic Inclusion