DIMMY Light dimmer

DIMMY Type ZDI5200 is a universal light dimmer that can dim all types of dimmable light sources over the Z-Wave network.

Use DIMMY where you want to dim your lights according to the time of the day and year. Choose bright lights for cooking and cleaning but softer lights in the evening, preparing you for bed.

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  State-of-the-art light dimmer

The light dimmer can dim all dimmable light bulbs from 0-250 W. Even your low power LED bulbs.


The meter reads the consumption of the connected device for you to keep an eye with your energy consumption.


DIMMY is designed to fit into PL ceiling boxes which are some of the smallest ceiling boxes in Europe. With a height of 13-15 mm, it leaves lots of space for cables in the ceiling box.

Z-WaveZ-Wave controlled lamp

Connect DIMMY to a local load and control it with a Z-Wave wall switch such as MATRIX or through an app on a smartphone.

repeater  Improves Z-Wave Network

Acts as a Z-Wave network repeater to increase reliability of the network.

wifi  Wireless Updates

Firmware can be updated through the Z-Wave network (OTA firmware updates).

wifi  Z-Wave Plus

Based on the Z-Wave Plus 500 Series platform.

Add intelligence to your ceiling boxes

Connect to a group of lamps or connect to individual devices and control them from the Z-Wave network. DIMMY easily fit into ceiling boxes, e.g. the Danish PL box. Dim everything from dimmable LEDs to incandescent light bulbs up to 250W.

Use DIMMY with a single lamp or a group of lamps with a maximum of 250W.

DIMMY can be mounted in a ceiling box or junction box.

DIMMY is very low with its max. height at 15.4 mm, leaving lots of space for the cables in the ceiling box.

Use cable relief. Optionally, use the screw holes to fasten to a surface.

Mounting guide
Warning! Only authorised technicians under consideration of the country-specific installation norms may do works with 230 Volt mains power. Prior to the assembly of the product, the voltage network has to be switched off.



Dimmed output (↗), Neutral (N) and Line (L) must be connected according to the diagram below. Contacts with same markings (N or L) are internally connected and can be used for cable looping.

Figure A


Cable Connection/Disconnection

Use a cable, max. 2,5 mm², with a stripped length of 9-10 mm. The cable must be solid or closed with a ferrule. Connect the cable by simply pushing it into the connection terminal. Disconnect cables by pressing a slotted screwdriver with 2,5 mm slot against release button while pulling the cable (A)

Figure B


Add/remove DIMMY to the Z-Wave-network by triple-pressing the center switch (I), or by scanning the QR code using SmartStart.

Figure C

Restore Factory Settings

Restore factory settings by pressing the center switch (I) for at least 10 seconds.

Additional information

Dimensions (HxWxD)

15 mm x 54 mm x 46 mm

Power Supply

230 V AC / 50 Hz

Power Consumption


Max. Attachable Load

200 VA / 250 W


5 poles, 2 x looped line, 2 x looped neutral, 1 x dimmer line output


Screwless 0.2 – 2.5 mm2 / 24 – 12 AWG

Internal fuse

T2A (fixed)

Protection Rating


Radio Range

40 m indoor / 80 m outdoor

Radio Protocol

Z-Wave®: EU 868.4MHz – 500 Series


S0 Security, S2 Security


Classic Inclusion, SmartStart