The Danish company Logic Group has just completed a groundbreaking deal with Solar Danmark. The deal paves the way for Solar to sell and market Logic Group’s “Smart Home” and “Smart Office” products aimed at the professional market. 

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Interest in intelligent home and business solutions is in a strong growth phase, gaining ground in the field of new construction as well as in the renovation of existing structures. It is therefore essential for a company like Logic Group that their products be represented by one of Denmark’s heavyweights in the professional electrical goods market.

“It is a true seal of approval of the products and designs we provide in the market place that such an important player in the professional market has chosen to include our products in their portfolio. This way we can reach electricians and dealers all over the country simultaneously,” says Jesper Ib Paulsen, CEO at Logic Group.

The smart home and company market is growing as more and more smart products competing on price and functionality enter the market. Furthermore, it’s becoming easier and simpler to install and use these products. In practice, electricity, lighting, water, heating, locks and other security installations can all be controlled by mobile phone or tablet. Over time, the system can come to know the home or company and adapt to the family’s or employee’s habits. Logic Group’s products are developed and designed in Denmark. They will continue to be produced and assembled in Denmark to ensure that the quality level is maintained, and that fact alone has created domestic and international interest.

“We constantly survey the market to make sure we provide the best and most effective solutions. We want to be the first mover and this requires us to continuously expand our product offering at the right time. To that end, collaborating with the best manufacturers in the market helps ensure that we provide our customers the highest quality and the best products in the field. For us, the step of including Logic Group’s products in our product range has been a natural one,” says Daniel Svoldgaard, Market Responsible for Electrical / BMS at Solar Danmark.

Logic Group’s great expertise in the smart home and smart office business has led to the development of a product range that excels in quality, security and functionality. Logic Group’s products are based on the open Z-Wave protocol, which allows for products from various manufacturers to be linked so that all components, regardless of manufacturer, can be controlled by the same app, web interface or remote control. Another advantage for the consumers is the wide selection of components and solutions for any imaginable security, control or automation need.

“We have developed our products with customer usability in mind and to create value for everyday life. That is why we see all possibilities from the user’s point of view. The fact that we have chosen to work with open standards increases the possibility that the user can combine and pair various hardware and software components across products, companies and solutions to their own benefit.”

“Logic Group’s great potential and range of products that communicate wirelessly with other products has brought the company to the attention of potential partners and new investors. There is every reason to be optimistic regarding exports and the creation of new jobs in Denmark,” stresses Jesper Ib Paulsen from Logic Group.



For further information:

Contact:        Jesper Ib Paulsen, Partner and Director at Logic Group
Mobile:          +45 30 46 30 31

Contact:        Daniel Svoldgaard, Marketing Manager for Electric at Solar Danmark
Mobile:         +45 21 29 43 15