A Logic Group Smart Office is comfortable and efficient

As consumers become accustomed to the conveniences that come with Smart Home technology, they will begin to seek out these efficiencies outside of the home.

Office decision makers see real business value in smart office technology and are likely to require smart technology in their next business move.

Benefits for the Company

A company with the right Logic Group Smart Office installations will see a reduction in energy and water consumption. This can contribute to a greener image for the company.

A more high-tech image and better comfort at the office can also attract sand retain employees.


SAVE ENERGY save heat and electricity by regulating temperatures at night


SAVE WATER with nudging programs


GREEN IMAGE with energy savings


HIGH-TECH TIME TRACKING of employees saves hours on time registration


SAFE ENTRY and better safety procedures


YOUR IDEA is as good as ours

Benefits for the Employee

As an employee you will feel the comfort and convenience from home at your workdesk. You can even cut down on time used on administration and registration – and focus on the fun tasks.


COMFORTABLE INDOOR CLIMATE light, temperature, shading and ventilation adjusted to employees in each zone


SEAMLESS CONNECTION between personal devices and office devices


SAVE TIME on registration and administration and focus on the real tasks


KEYLESS ENTRY with easy identification


SMART PLANTS tells you when they are thirsty using a humidity sensor


YOUR IDEA is as good as ours

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Our Logic Group Smart Office concept is still in progress. Contact us to contribute with your ideas or to be a test user.