Warning! Only authorised technicians under consideration of the country-specific installation norms may do works with 230 Volt mains power. Prior to the assembly of the product, the voltage network has to be switched off.


MATRIX 55 is designed for fitting into standard 60mm CE wall boxes. For compatible design frames, see section about design frames.

For easy installation MATRIX 55 is provided with a connection terminal with push-in terminations. The cable must have a stripped length between 9 and 10 mm. The maximum conductor size is 2.5 mm2, or maximum 1.5 mm2 for stranded conductors with a ferrule with plastic collar.


Dimmed output (~), Neutral (N) and Line (L) must be connected according to the diagram below. Contacts with same markings (N or L) are internally connected and can be used for cable looping.

Cable connection / Disconnection

When installing a MATRIX 55, simply push solid cables into the connection terminals. Stranded cables must be connected by use of the release-buttons. Activate the release-button on the terminal with a slotted screwdriver with a 2.5 mm slot while pushing in the cable

When removing the cables, use the release-buttons as described above.


Fit MATRIX using the elements in the figure below. The safety screw (4) is necessary in public buildings and businesses to avoid theft. Use bullets D) and F)-G) to mount the safety screw.

  1. Mount the Insert (1) in the wall box using the wiring diagram above, regard the UP arrow.
  2. Add the insert to the Z-Wave system, see Chapter 6.
  3. Place the design frame (2) over the insert (1).
  4. (Optional) Remove Pushbutton cover (5) from the front module.
  5. Plug the Pushbutton base (3) into the Insert (1), regard the UP arrow.
  6. (Optional) Fasten the Pushbutton base to the Insert with the Safety screw (4).
  7. (Optional) Snap on the Pushbutton cover (5).
Demounting the Pushbutton Cover when the Safety Screw is mounted

With the safety screw mounted, the pushbutton cover must be removed from the Pushbutton base before unscrewing. Use the following steps.

  1. Loosen the cover with a slotted screwdriver in one side in the slot between the cover and the cover frame;
    • First insert the screwdriver in the right top just below the upper snap (a) and pop out the snap.
    • Afterwards insert the screwdriver in the right bottom just above the lower snap (b). Now release the entire right side.
  2. Hold the right side out from the wall while the left side is released with a single pop somewhere on the left side (c).
  3. Now it is possible to unscrew the safety screw and remove the front module and insert from the wall box.


MATRIX 55 is a SmartStart enabled product and can be added into a Z-Wave network by scanning the Z-Wave QR Code present on the product with a controller providing SmartStart inclusion. No further action is required and the SmartStart product will be added automatically within 10 minutes of being switched on in the network vicinity.Find the DSK, QR code and PIN Code on the front of the insert module.

Add MATRIX 55 to a network with Classic Inclusion by pressing once on the switch (I) through the hole with a non-conductive object. The LED inside the module will start blinking.

Use same procedure for removing MATRIX 55 with Classic Exclusion.

If MATRIX 55 already belongs to a Z-Wave network, the remove process must be performed before adding it in a new network. Otherwise, the adding of the device will fail.


SmartStart Inclusion


Classic Inclusion

Restore Factory Settings

Factory settings are restored by pressing the switch through the hole (I) and hold it for min. 10 seconds.

Compatible Design Frames

MATRIX 55 is compatible with a range of design frames from other manufacturers. The design frame must have a 55×55 mm opening and a depth of min.10 mm. This includes, but is not limited to, the following frame systems:

  • Schneider Electric, Exxact
  • Elko Plus
  • GIRA, System 55
  • Merten, System M
  • Busch-Jaeger, Basic 55