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Prevent break-ins

95% of all burglaries in Denmark are never solved. Even though home insurance covers a large portion, there are still plenty of reasons to prevent break-ins.

The Crime Prevention Council recommends, among other things:

  • During the summer months, be aware of open windows and doors, even if you're at home. Thieves may be tempted to make a quick break-in while you're in the backyard.
  • Make it look like someone is home when you and your family are away.
  • Use automatic on/off clocks - even when you're away.
  • Outdoor lighting, often in the front yard, helps prevent break-ins. Connect a motion sensor to the lighting. This will make it harder for a burglar to hide and make it easier for neighbors to see that something is happening.
  • Lighting outside makes it difficult for a burglar to hide. Don't leave outdoor lights on alone. It's very obvious that the house is empty when it's completely dark inside.

Source: The Crime Prevention Council

Safety in everyday life

SmartLiving focuses on safety inside and outside the home. There are many ways to create peace of mind with a smart home. Here, we've gathered our best security solutions.

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Easy alarm activation

You can easily activate and deactivate your smart burglar alarm on the MATRIX Control Touch at the front door. You can also easily control it remotely via an app.

Scare off the thief

Any break-in will be detected by your smart SoftAlarm and can trigger a siren or play sounds on the speakers. In addition, selected lights in the house can be turned on full blast and the backlight in all MATRIX Control Push Buttons can flash. That's when thieves really get their hands on you.

Detect break-ins

If the burglar does break the doors or windows, detectors on the doors/windows, as well as motion detectors outside the house and inside, will be activated and give you a push notification via phone or email.

Prevent break-ins with light activations when you're not at home

During the dark hours around sunrise/sunset, outdoor lights are activated as if someone is home. This gives most burglars cold feet.

You can also record a week's worth of light consumption and play it back at the click of a MATRIX button or with your phone. In the video you can see an example of how this can be implemented.

Monitor your home and get alerts

Remember to close doors and windows

Never leave your home with open doors or windows again. With door/window sensors, you can be alerted to open doors and windows before you leave home.


Detect the smoke instantly

With intelligent smoke detectors, you get push notifications if smoke develops in the house. In addition, you can have all the lights turned on at maximum strength so you can leave the house safely and securely.

Monitor your home

You can remotely control and monitor your home via your mobile phone. You can see if there's movement, if the lights are on, power consumption and if anything is open.

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Get push notifications

Get notified if there is suspicious movement outside or inside the house. You can also notify neighbors and family if you are on vacation.
You can also be notified if, for example, water is detected on the floor.

Monitor your home and get alerts


Is your teen home?

Get automatic notifications when the kids come home. This can be either by the home knowing their smartphones or by the kids pressing a special MATRIX key when they get home.


Leave home in safe hands

Get an all-off function that is activated by pressing a MATRIX button. In addition to light, the dangerous sockets, for example for the stove or iron, are switched off when the last person leaves the home.

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