Make your home safe, smart and reduce your carbon footprint with a Smart Living solution.

Vi levere Smart Living som en programmeret løsning, der virker “ud af boksen” i dit hjem. Du kan altid tilføje flere enheder og funktioner. Vi udskifter din afbrydere med nye intelligente afbrydere, hvorpå du kan betjene dine gardiner, SONOS, VELUX Vinduer og meget andet. 

Smart Living makes life easier

Imagine coming home from work - as you pull into your driveway, your garage door opens automatically, the lights turn on at the right level depending on the time of day. 

When you walk in, your SONOS are tuned to your favorite channel and your VELUX windows have been opened for fresh air.

All automatically....

Book a recovery

If you're thinking about making your home smart, book a smart home demonstration. Here you can get inspired and learn more about how you can make your home or future new build smart.

It only takes 45 minutes.

Energy optimization

Med Smart Living har du mulighed for at spare på din elregning.
Vores MATRIX fortæller dig via farver, hvilket niveau elprisen er på nu og de næste 24 timer. Så ved du hvornår det er billigst at starte dine maskiner. De fleste ændre hurtigt adfærd og nye vaner viser sig. På den måde nedsætter du dit klimaaftryk, og spare på elregningen.


Can my home become smart?

Make your home easy to use.
With Smart Living, you decide which features you want. It can always be expanded or changed if your needs change.
Smart Living can be installed in virtually any home. We work with an open protocol - meaning you are free to add a wide range of products.

Rigtigt integreret i dit hjem.

Much of what you have in your house can already talk to each other with Smart Living.
When you turn on the hood, your VELUX windows open automatically. Your SONOS turn on automatically when you enter the bathroom.
All these devices can of course be controlled with our MATRIX switch, spoken to via your Google or Alexa.
And it's not just gadgets - it's a solution that adds value to your home.

MATRIX switch

With MATRIX control push button type ZDB5100, we've taken the traditional wall switch and combined it with a dimmer and wireless communication.


With our smart socket type ZSO7300 you can keep an eye on your power guzzlers and reduce standby consumption.


Use the motion sensor to turn on the lights, start your favorite song on your SONOS, or make sure your VELUX windows open at e.g. 22 degrees. 

Door/window sensor

MATRIX lights up red on button 4 if any doors or windows are open. This is good knowledge when you're on your way out the door.

You can set the volume of the music in your teenager's room to turn down if the window or door is opened to the outside. 

Smart Charge

Start charging your electric car via your SmartHome when power is cheapest.

With Smart Charge, your electric car charging starts at the times when the electricity price is cheapest. Simply choose the time you want it to charge and it will take care of the rest.

We currently support more than 120 different electric car models. 

Extractor hood

Extractor hood function

When you turn on your cooker hood, the vent on your VELUX windows opens automatically. This way you ensure the right amount of air in relation to the exhaust. extraction. And get the most out of your cooker hood. 10 minutes after you turn off the hood, the windows will automatically close again. 

Energy prices

Energy prices

With our intelligent MATRIX switch, you can easily and quickly see when it's cheapest to turn on your appliances.
If MATRIX is green, power is cheaper and you can use your electrical appliances with a clear conscience.

MATRIX Battery pressure

The MATRIX battery push button type ZBA7140 can control other devices with each of the four buttons. The MATRIX Battery Tap is completely wireless and can be placed anywhere with double-sided tape or screws.

DIMMY Dimmer

DIMMY type ZDI5200 is a universal dimmer that can regulate the brightness of all types of dimmable light sources via the network and measure power consumption.

Outdoor motion sensor

Automatic activation of lights when motion is detected or automatic switching off of lights when there has been no movement for a while.

Automatic on/off of lights controlled by the solar rhythm, a fixed schedule or the weather.

Approved fire alarm

You can use this alarm as a smoke alarm but also as a motion sensor, creating distressed scenes that make everyday life easier. 


When the siren sounds, the house wakes up. The siren is clear, distinct and loud.
It makes for a safe home.

It can also be used as a bell when e.g. the front door is opened. 


Control your SONOS with the MATRIX switch. Or let a scene turn on your favorite radio channel at the same time as your lights when you get home. At dinnertime, the music changes to your cozy playlist. 

VELUX curtains

Our VELUX solution can control a group of windows with the function (open/close or up/down) or scenes in which you choose to have your windows open for 10 minutes when you get home, or always close at 10 pm or when the temperature drops below 20 degrees. 

Philips Hue

Our smart home does not exclude the use of other smart devices and light sources, such as Philips HUE, IKEA Trådfri and Google Nest. These smart devices can be set up to work with a Logic Group smart home.


If it gets too hot in the room, we can set your curtains to automatically roll down/up to block out the sun while you're away. 

If you want to wake up slowly, set them to roll up very quietly at a specific time. 

For example, a solution could include:

MATRIX control pressure

With this, you can control all your smart devices.

  • MATRIX control touch has a built-in dimmer and 4 backlit keys.
  • MATRIX controls can adjust the light to different levels depending on the time of day and year. For example, choose full brightness for cleaning/cooking and cozy lighting while you eat.
  • For example, use MATRIX control buttons for "turn off everything", night lights and for monitoring doors and windows.
  • MATRIX is also where you can display color based on the current electricity price. 

Light dimmer




Control your consumption with smart sockets

  • Use one to supply a power strip at TV and sound systems, TV boxes, games consoles etc. and reduce standby power:
    • The power socket can be switched off automatically so that it is only switched on when residents are at home and awake.
    • The socket can be switched on and off from a Matrix button - an illuminated button makes consumption more visible.
  • Use one for the "dangerous" appliances like coffee makers and irons, and include it in the "turn off everything" function so they turn off when the last person leaves the house.

Motion sensor

Can turn lights on and off automatically

  • Lights turn on and off automatically depending on presence and light level.
  • LED lights turn on automatically in the MATRIX Control Touch when moving after e.g. 10 pm and before 6 am.
  • Signal light in MATRIX Control pushbuttons for movement around the house when there should be no movement
  • Push notifications are sent to the SmartPhone when there is movement in the house when no one should be home
  • All lights flash/illuminate in case of break-in
  • The motion sensor tells you what temperature is in the given room. A scene could be to close the VELUX windows automatically when the temperature is too low. 

Door/window sensor

Door and window monitoring

  • Attaches to the door or window and frame and uses magnetism to detect whether it is open or closed.
  • The signal light in Matrix at the front/rear door lights up red if a door or window is open. So you'll never forget to close a window or door when you leave home.
  • The sensor also alerts you when you are not at home and sends notifications to your smartphone in the event of a break-in.

Smoke sensor

Notifies you - even when you're not at home

The smoke detector measures smoke level and temperature and emits a loud siren sound and light when alarmed. Have the smoke detector alert you even when you're not at home, for example:

  • Send notification to SmartPhone on smoke alarm
  • Turn on all lights on smoke alarm
  • Signal light in all smoke alarm switches
  • Alarm at smoke level or temperature above a set limit value

Leak detector

Detect water leaks before they cause problems

You can place this sensor under the dishwasher, for example, to detect if there is moisture or water leakage.

  • The detector will be able to give you a notification so you can take action before it's too late and damage occurs.
  • Can also be used to create the right indoor climate as it also measures temperature.

Control center

Provides many options

A home center offers a lot of extra benefits. For example, you can use the Geofence function and send push notifications to selected smartphones. Geofence is a kind of virtual fence around the house that can be used to create scenes based on the location of the residents' smartphones.

  • Turn everything off when the last occupant leaves the house
  • Turn on lights in the driveway and hallway when the first resident approaches
  • Push notification: get a message on a smartphone triggered by an event:
    • If there are lights on in the home after 10 am, for example
    • If the lights stay on when no one is home
    • Notification to parents when child comes home or leaves
  • Notification button: Field on Matrix that triggers an SMS or push notification to send a message to neighbors, relatives, family
  • User-specific rights: Can be set to prevent children from disturbing parents with light control via smartphone

example floorplan from Logic Group

Integration and support

Ready to install in your home

The Smart Living package comes fully programmed to work out-of-the-box after it is installed in the home. It usually only takes a few hours to install in the home.


With our guides and support, you'll become an expert in your own smart home. At www.logic-group/support you can learn how to customize and expand your solution to get the most out of it.

You can also draw on our support department in a variety of ways. You get a voucher for 8 changes to your installation via phone, chat or Teamviewer.

  1. Phone and chat: If you need help e.g. changing a scene or customizing some features, we are ready to guide you.
  2. Teamviewer: You give us access to your screen so we can guide you or show you what to do.

We also come on service visits. If you need more help, this can of course also be purchased. For a fixed hourly rate, you can purchase a smart home specialist to help you with your home installation after it has been installed.


With SmartLiving, you get a smart home solution tailored to your home. You decide which devices you want and which features you want your home to have.

Many possibilities with SMART LIVING

Our smart home solution can talk to many different products and solutions. This means it's quick and easy to expand your smart home solution to meet your specific needs. Below are some examples - with more being added all the time.

Popular products

You always have the option to add devices. In principle, all certified devices can be connected to your integration. 

All Logic Group products are of course optional. This means that you can add e.g. Phillips HUE and IKEA Trädfri devices. 

Easy installation with MATRIX battery pressure

  • Can be mounted anywhere with screws, double-sided tape or adhesive rubber.
  • The battery has a lifespan of min. 5 years.
  • Four keys that can be used in the smart home
  • You can choose to use it as a remote control. 

Dim even more light sources with DIMMY dimmer

  • Adjust the brightness of all types of dimmable light sources from 0-250W: LED, incandescent, halogen and more.
  • Placed in a PL ceiling box.
  • Can be controlled with MATRIX control pressure or MATRIX battery pressure.
  • Used when there is more than one light in a room where one dimmer in MATRIX control pressure is not enough.
  • Can control a group of LED spots. 

Activation of functions when moving outside

  • Lights inside and outside turn on automatically when you approach the house. You choose which lights to turn on.
  • Signal lights in MATRIX Control Pressure turn on when there is movement around the house when there shouldn't be movement.
  • Siren sounds and all lights flash/illuminate in the event of a break-in.

Intelligent fire alarm approved for new builds

The fire alarm measures smoke, motion and temperature and emits a loud siren sound and light on alarm. The fire alarm is approved, meaning:

  • Possibility of internal connection between fire alarms, i.e. if there is smoke in e.g. the kitchen. If there is smoke in the kitchen, the siren will sound in all your smoke alarms. 
  • Powered by 230V and backed up by a battery in case of power failure
  • Dedicated alarm sound to be used for smoke alarms only

You can also have the fire alarm alert you even when you're not at home by sending notifications to all residents' smartphones when the smoke alarm sounds.


Siren with built-in sounds

This siren contains 30 sounds that can be used for example:

  • Doorbell (requires smart button at front door)
  • Alarm clock
  • Alarm for burglary, smoke, cloudburst and more.

example floorplan from Logic Group

Get even more support

If you want support beyond the 8 clips that come with a Logic Living package, you can purchase a smart home specialist for a fixed hourly rate to help you with your installation either by phone, chat, teamviewer or in your home.

  1. Phone and chat: If you need help e.g. changing a scene or customizing some features, we are ready to guide you.
  2. Teamviewer: You give us access to your screen so we can guide you or show you what to do.
  3. Service visit: If the task cannot be solved via remote connection, a service visit can of course also be purchased.


At Logic Group, we have developed a number of features that can communicate with devices from other protocols. Here is a list of the devices that can be controlled via MATRIX control buttons. New features are added all the time. 



  • You can turn up/down switch songs in your playlist and change radio channels on your MATRIX or in the app. 
  • We create a scene that associates a MATRIX key with each speaker. You will be able to associate additional MATRIX keys and speakers in the scene in addition to the ones we have added.
  • Many people really like the idea of having music in the bathroom. This means that when you walk out, the lights and music turn on automatically. 

After moving in, you must set the IP address for each speaker.

VELUX windows and curtains

This can control a group of windows with the function (open/close or up/down) or scenes in which you choose to have your windows open for 10 minutes when you get home, or always close at 10 pm or when the temperature drops below 20 degrees. .

  • We put in the ZVS200, which controls the window.
  • We create a scene in which we connect one or more MATRIX buttons to the window(s), curtains or anything else controlled by Io-Homecontrol. This requires the remote controls to be in the house at installation.
  • We put in a ZVS200 that takes care of these devices.
  • We connect VELUX windows and VELUX blinds to the QuickApp in the scene during installation - this requires that the remote controls are in the house during installation.

You must accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice before using this QuickApp. You can also extend the scene yourself to control multiple devices.

Automatic extractor hood

You can have the ventilation flap in the VELUX window open automatically when the cooker hood is turned on. We put a consumption meter on the cooker hood to measure whether it is in use and opens or closes the ventilation flap.

You don't have to do anything.


Philips HUE

Our integration with Philips HUE consists of a QuickApp that communicates with a Philips HUE Bridge.

  • We add the QuickApp to your integration
  • We create a scene in which MATRIX buttons can be assigned to Philips-Hue devices or groups.

You will need to connect the Philips Hue Bridge to your integration and populate the scene with the right IDs. If you don't want to customize these options yourself, we can do this for an hourly rate.

  • Signal light in MATRIX Control Touch turns on when there is movement around the house when there shouldn't be movement
  • Push notifications are sent to the SmartPhone when there is movement in the house when no one should be home
  • All lights flash/illuminate in case of break-in


Curtains can either run up/down or from/to. Some blinds can run both bottom-up and top-down. Slats and blinds can further rotate/tilt the slats.

These functions can be defined as a list of 'functions' that triple-clicking a Matrix key can switch between.

  • We add a QuickApp to your integration
  • We add a scene where you can associate Matrix keys with the curtain units.

After moving in, you will need to adjust the scene to bind the desired key to the desired curtain.

How the features work

See the table below, which explains which functions are triggered by default when a MATRIX button is pressed.
If you want other/more functions, you can of course also add them. 

1 PRESSURE Turn onTurn onTurn onOpen fully Open fully Open (up/down)
1 PRESS AGAIN Turn offTurn offTurn offClose completely Close completely Close (down/tilt)
HOLD AND RELEASE Regulate up and stop Regulate up and stop Regulate up and stop Open and stop Open and stop Open and stop
HOLD AGAIN AND LET GO Regulate down and stop Regulate down and stop Regulate down and stop Close and stop Close and stop Close and stop
2 CLICK Adjust to 100%. Adjust to 100%. Next track in the playlist Open 30% for 10 min. Open 30% for 10 min. Preferred position
3 CLICK -Next color Next source (radio/playlist) Next device - Change function

How MATRIX works

When we set up Smart Living in your house, everything is programmed by us. This means that it works from the start once it has been installed. 

In the tables below you can see which functions are triggered by default when you press a MATRIX button.

Smart Living - management

1 NEW PRINTTurn off
HOLD AND RELEASERegulate up and stop
HOLD AGAIN AND LET GORegulate down and stop
2 CLICKAdjust to 100%.

Smart Living - scenes

DESCRIPTIONTurns off all lights in the house Turns on selected light sources Turns on all lights Turns on backlight in MATRIX with the color white Turns on green light in keys on all MATRIX control presses that turn on lights according to IDs in the backlight. IDs in background light Sets backlight to normal in MATRIX control pressure according to time schedule in backgroundlight Can record a weekly schedule of on/off/dimming lights in the house and replay it at another time Magnetic switches on doors and windows detect whether they are open or closed. MATRIX key lights up red if they are open and turns off when they are closed.
CAPITALIZATION1 click 2 clicks 3 clicks 2 click, 1 click disable 2 clicks 3 clicks 3 click recorder consumption, 2 click player, 1 click off Open door or window
LOCATION (INDICATIVE) Entrance hall, back door, bedroom Entrance, back door Entrance, back door Rooms Entrance EntranceDepot Front door, back door, bedroom

Are you interested?

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