Smart home in your new build

You can have a smart home in your new build - no matter who you're building with and where you are in the process.

Logic Group delivers smart home solutions tailored to your new build.

Our smart home solutions focus on intelligent lighting control, comfort, safety and a healthy indoor climate.

We've delivered smart homes to builders for many different type house companies.

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Smart home offers many benefits

  • Automatic light control and the possibility of light scenes with e.g. "cozy", "cleaning" and "come-home".
  • Activation of light by motion or speech and home simulation when you're not at home.
  • Du kan få en scene, der fortæller, hvornår børnene er kommet hjem, og du kan slukke og tænde alt med ét tryk.
  • Home security via door and window monitoring, soft alerting of home residents via smartphone and/or warning lights in the switches.
  • Focus on creating a healthy indoor climate - for example, you can control VELUX roof windows via push-button or automatic control.
  • Control SONOS speakers via push-button or automatic control.

How easy it is to get a smart home in your new build

We have extensive experience with smart home solutions for new builds. Below you'll find a typical process from idea to move-in:

  1. The first dialog goes through your building advisor, where you go through the possibilities with smart home. If your advisor is not familiar with smart home, you are welcome to contact Logic Group to discuss the possibilities.
  2. As soon as you have your power plan ready, it can be shared with one of our smart home specialists at Smartliving@logic-group.com.
  3. Based on the electrical plan, we provide you with a smart home proposal, which can of course be modified and adapted to your new build, your finances and your wishes.
  4. Once the smart home solution is approved, we integrate the solution into your house.
  5. When the house is almost complete, your electrician will receive the pre-integrated smart home solution and install it in your home. It takes a few hours and leaves no trace - except a smart home for the whole family to enjoy.
  6. After moving in, you can get support from Logic Group. You can get unlimited guidance via our online support section. Support via email, chat and phone will be provided on a punch card system


Installed Matrix components

Installed Matrix components throughout the house as it fits perfectly with the LK Fuga sockets. Super good guidance along the way in connection with the choice of products. The system was delivered and programmed by Logic Group and it worked from day 1. I had a little trouble logging in, this was solved immediately - really good service! Would definitely recommend.



Great review and instruction

Super review and instruction of the system with Nicklas today. 2 hours were set aside. I had a long list of 16 items I wanted us to go through - we covered everything and even had more time for additional programming. Home Center 3 is highly recommended and the basic setup of Logic Group is a must, which just makes it easy and simple to get a return on investment.



A great and professional company

A super good and professional company that always goes the extra mile for the customer. Their products are thoroughly tested and you can really sense that the people behind the product are passionate about what they do.
The products have a lot of great features that must be experienced and tried.



Du kan altid få smart home i dit nybyggeri eller renovering

It's never too late to bring a smart home into your new build, whether you're ready, in the process of building or have already built.

new construction planning

Planning phase

new building construction

Construction phase

new construction finished

Finished construction

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Are you interested?

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