You can get smart home solutions tailored to your home, your wishes and your budget. All our smart home solutions focus on intelligent lighting control, comfort, safety and a healthy indoor climate.



SmartLiving New Build

This smart home solution is for you if you're about to or already in the process of building a new home. Think smart home into the infrastructure of your new build. The price example is based on a house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen-dining room and a living room.

From: 35.000,-

SmartLiving in your Existing Home

Add SmartLiving to your existing home and experience how everyday life at home becomes safer and easier. For the benefit of the whole family. The smart home solution is based on a house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen-dining-living room. The package focuses on making your home intelligent in terms of security, lighting and electrical appliance control.

From: 35.000,-

SmartLiving Summer House

It's also possible to get SmartLiving in your holiday home, so you can monitor your holiday home when you're not there and, among other things, be notified of movement or water outflow. The solution focuses on making your holiday home intelligent in terms of security and control of lights and electrical appliances.

From: 20.000,-

SmartLiving Apartment

A smart home solution for apartment dwellers. The solution is based on a three-room apartment. With this package you can make your apartment smart and control lights and appliances.

From: 20.000,-

Book a smart home tour

If you're thinking about making your home smart, book a tour of one of our smart home demo houses. Here you can get inspired and learn more about how you can make your home or future new build smart.