Smart Home Electricity Course

Join us for an exciting SmartHome course for electricians, we have ongoing courses. Keep an eye on this page or sign up via the form.

Learn more about the most intelligent SmartHome system for Danish homes

Join us for an exciting 1-day course where you'll learn what a true SmartHome system entails, as well as how to build and easily prepare the installation for a smart home. 

You will also hear about the benefits of being able to offer your customers an upgrade of their house.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to program in the Logic Group system.

- Did you know that Logic Group's devices fit in Fuga? And that it can be installed in both new and older houses? ..... and actually uses an OPEN SmartHome protocol?

It's free to join, but requires you to join through your company! 

This course is for electricians who already know or have worked with intelligent building installations such as IHC, KNX or similar.


  • Learn about Z-Wave Plus
  • Learn about Zigbee 3.0
  • Building a SmartHome with open protocols
  • Get your installation ready for SmartHome
  • Programming your SmartHome system
  • Benefits of smart home for both electrician and customer
  • Learn about Logic Group products

Practical info

The course day is on d. Follow the page.

Meeting time is UNKNOWN.

The course takes place at TECH Frederiksberg
Stæhr Johansens vej 5, 2000 Frederiksberg
Room ???? on the 2nd floor

Remember to bring your own laptop

Lunch will be served from the canteen.

Seating is limited, so registration is required.
To register, click the blue button at the top of the page.

We look forward to seeing you!


  • 7.30 Welcome to all 

  • 8.00 Teaching starts - Theory 

  • 12.00 Lunch 

  • 12.30 Training - Hands on and theory

  • 15.30 Thank you for today
example floorplan from Logic Group

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If you're thinking about making your home smart, book a smart home demonstration. Here you can get inspired and learn more about how you can make your home or future new build smart.

It only takes 45 minutes.