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Get maximum comfort with a SmartHome from Logic Group


Whole house managed from the couch

It doesn't get any more comfortable. With the smart home app, you can control your entire house without getting up from the couch. Turn on the outlet by the TV, dim the bright lights on the ceiling and put your feet up for a cozy evening.

matrix remote control2

One remote control for everything

The MATRIX control push button with dimmer has four buttons that can be used for more than just lights. You can control electrical outlets, VELUX windows, SONOS systems, DECOFLAME bio fireplace and much more.
Because MATRIX is powered from the wall, you get a remote control that never gets lost and never runs out of battery.

If you can't get off the couch - well, you can always take out your smartphone and control with your smart home app.

Keep it simple

SmartLiving makes your home simpler and more comfortable almost by itself. Here are some great ideas on how you can increase comfort even further.

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Let the house welcome you

During the dark hours, it's nice when outdoor lights turn on automatically. An outdoor motion detector detects both light levels and movement. It also helps keep intruders away.




Find your way at night

Use a dimmable lamp or an illuminated MATRIX to guide you at night on your way to the bathroom. You'll avoid bright light in your eyes and painful experiences with your children's toys lying around.

You can turn on the light when you move, or you can use a schedule that automatically turns on between, for example, 22:00 and 06:00.


Turn on when moving

In rooms where you don't spend a lot of time, it makes sense to have motion detectors turn lights on and off automatically. Examples include bathrooms, storage rooms, utility rooms, garages and hallways. You can turn on both lights and music when motion is detected. And you decide the sensitivity and how long it takes for the lights to turn off again after the last movement.

In the video you can see how we set it up in the HusCompagniet demo house.

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It's easy to change yourself

Turning on lights without having to flip a switch is nothing new. With a smart home, you can easily add new motion detectors, change the installation and set the sensitivity of your motion detectors.

In the video you can see how to change the motion detector's parameters. It only takes 2 and a half minutes.

In the video you can see how we set it up in a demo house

Turn everything off with one touch

Turn off everything in your entire house with the click of a button. You choose which smart lights and sockets to turn off. For example, select the turn off everything function for the bedroom and hallway. This will turn off lights and consumption at night and during working hours.

In the video, Johnny shows how the power off feature can be implemented.

In the video you can see how we set it up in a demo house.

Turn everything off with virtual fencing

Turn off everything in the entire house automatically when the last person leaves. You can do this if you have Geofence enabled on all smartphones in the house. Then your smart home knows if someone is home or not.

In the video, Allan explains what Geofence is and what it can be used for.

In the video you can see how we set it up in a demo house.

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