Turn lights on and off on motion and custom scenarios

intelligent light control

Intelligent light management

Here are some examples of what intelligent lighting control can do:

  • Turn off all lights in the entire house at once when you leave home or go to bed
  • Correspondence between two or more MATRIX switches, so the same light can be controlled from different locations (without additional cabling)
  • Possibility of lighting scenes with specific lighting, e.g. cozy lighting, cleaning lighting, coming-home lighting
  • Automatic activation of lights when motion is detected or automatic switching off of lights when there has been no movement for a while.
  • Automatic light on/off controlled by the solar rhythm, a fixed schedule or the weather
  • Slow on/off of the light, e.g. you can turn the light on for 30 minutes like an alarm clock
  • Enable remote control and home monitoring via mobile, both at home and away
  • Home simulation when you're on vacation or at work. For example, record a week's worth of light consumption and play it back at the click of a MATRIX button or with your phone
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The dimmer in MATRIX Operating pressure

The MATRIX Control Pressure dimmer is very versatile and can be set up as needed.

  • Can dim all dimmable light sources up to 250W (130VA LED)
  • Can dim down to a very low level (especially good dimmable light sources)
  • Can be set up the way you want it;
    • One button can control both on, off and dim
    • One key can turn the brightness up and on, while another key can turn the brightness down and off
    • Other buttons can set the light to a specific level (e.g. 10% light level in the children's room at night, 100% for cleaning lighting)
  • Can also switch non-dimmable light sources on and off

Controlling your light

A smart home solution from Logic Group focuses on intelligent lighting control, among other things. There are many possibilities with smart lighting control, and here we'll cover some of the most important ones: automatic lighting control, setting up lighting scenarios, activating lights on motion and voice control of lighting.

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Backlight in MATRIX Operating pressure

The illuminated background in MATRIX control prints allows for a number of attractive features:

  • Can provide feedback when the key is pressed
  • Can be used for led lights that turn on in the late hours or at night to help you find your way in the dark
  • Can be used as an orientation light in the bedroom - e.g. turn on for 5 minutes. This avoids waking a sleeping person in the room while you go to bed
  • Can act as a wake-up light in a toddler's bedroom
  • Can light up as a warning of open windows and doors, movement outside and inside, warning of poor indoor climate, leakage, smoke, etc.
  • Can signal if there are lights on in the nursery after 23:00
  • Can light up green in keys that control a light source when MATRIX is set to guest mode. Then guests will know which keys to press

Other popular lighting control solutions

Our smart home does not exclude the use of other smart devices and light sources, such as Philips HUE, IKEA Trådfri and Google Nest. These smart devices can be set up to work with a Logic Group smart home.

  • MATRIX controls can be set up to control color or heat in other smart light sources. However, Philips Hue and IKEA Trådfri require their own bridge/gateway to speak the same language as MATRIX and a fixed phase to the light source.
  • Other smart light sources can also be used as an integrated part of your smart home - including turn off everything, turn on on motion, etc.
  • You can also get Google Assistant (Google Home, Google Nest, etc.) for voice control of your smart home. Then you can ask Google Assistant to turn on lights at a specific level.
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