Healthy indoor climate

Create a healthy indoor climate with a Smart Home from Logic Group


How to improve your indoor climate

Smart Living focuses, among other things, on creating a healthy indoor climate in the home. With a smart home, it is easy to get information about the indoor climate and make the home react to a poor indoor climate.

Our behavior has a huge impact on indoor air quality, and air quality can be improved with a few simple actions. 

Smart Living reacts automatically by opening your VELUX windows if the temperature in the house is above e.g. 23 degrees. 


Open the ventilation grate when the hood starts

Especially newly built houses are very tight. Therefore, the house will quickly deflate when the hood is turned on.

Our VELUX solution automatically opens the ventilation grille in the VELUX window when the cooker hood starts. This creates flow in the house so that the hood can extract the cooking fumes in the most optimal way. This solution is available for both wall-mounted and hob-integrated hoods. 

Control of VELUX windows

Get rid of the remote control and control skylights with one or more buttons on a MATRIX control pad.

Watch the video to see how it can be implemented.

Afspil video

Get notified about poor indoor climate

With an intelligent smoke detector, you'll be notified of smoke development whether you're at home or not. The smoke detector can also notify you if you've forgotten to put out a candle or if cigarettes are being smoked at a party you're not at.

With an intelligent motion detector, you can get temperature readings to alert you if the temperature in your home is too high or too low.

And with an intelligent flood sensor, you can also quickly detect any water damage. Read more under Security at home.

Automation with VELUX

Make your VELUX roof windows react to poor indoor climate and air out at the most optimal times.

You can also control VELUX curtains

After all, the best light is natural. Just as you can control and automate VELUX windows, you can also control and automate VELUX curtains - both interior and exterior.

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