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Automation guide

This guide is for Fibaro Home Center 3.

1 lighting controller: A MATRIX ZDB is used here.

1 door sensor: A Sensative Strip is used here.

The light turns on in the entrance hall when the door is opened, but only when it's dark - after sunset and before sunrise.

Lights will then turn off after x minutes (10 minutes in this guide).

Step by step:


We first need to create a global variable.

This is called SunStatus

Global variables can be found under General and Variables

Create a variable that contains the following two predefined parameters.

Day and Night


We now need to create two scenes that change the SunStatus variable at sunset and sunrise respectively.

Create a scene named SunStatusSceneNight that contains "At Sunset" as the trigger and the SunStatus variable is set to Night.

Create another scene named SunStatusSceneDay that contains "At Sunrise" as the trigger and the SunStatus variable is set to Day.


Now it's time to create the final scene. You can call it "Turn on Lights Entrance"

The trigger in this guide is a door sensor.

In this example, it is called "x14x: front door"


To ensure that lights only turn on when it's dusk and dark, we create an AND(AND) function that uses the "SunStatus" variable we created earlier.


Now we need to select Actions.

You need to select the light you want to turn on. In this example, the light is "B1:Spots:v/Front door".

Action contains two steps.

  1. Turn on the light
  2. Wait 10 minutes and turn off the light

The overall automation looks like this.

In the example, an extra feature has been added that sends a push notification to the Fibaro app that "The front door opens". This requires that you have installed the Fibaro app on your phone and it is logged back into your home center.

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