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Read this to get the most out of a MATRIX ZDB in Fibaro Home Center 3. We use a demo version of a Logic Living package solution, so naming, placement in rooms, etc. follows the way a Logic Living smart home is built. In addition, we use a Quick App, which is only available as a package solution from Logic Group.

1: MATRIX ZDB in Fibaro Home Center 3 - adding and setting up

Here you can learn how to set up a new MATRIX ZDB in your Logic Group smart home.

We will review:

  • Inclusion of MATRIX ZDB in HC3
  • Inclusion of new MATRIX dimmer in "off all" and "on all" scenes
  • Setting parameters (extended LED control and global color management)
  • Inclusion in the Quick App for backlight


10:30Configuration parameter calculator can be downloaded here:

logicgroup-konfigurationsparameter-beregner.xlsx (1977 downloads)

11:30: this will be fixed in the next firmware version. The section applies up to Firmware version 1.5

12:40: If you think the colors in the "new" MATRIX are a bit different from the others, you're not entirely wrong. It is in fact an older model compared to the others, where slightly different LEDs are used.

2: MATRIX ZDB in Fibaro Home Center 3 - scenes with backlight

Here we create a "Night light on" and a "Night light off" scene that turns on and off the backlight in a MATRIX ZDB at the press of a button. First we create it as block scenes and then (approx. 5:20) as LUA scenes, using Logic Group's Quick App for backlight control, which comes with a Logic Group smart home package solution.


Parameter 10 is set to 1 (LED control is enabled) before starting the tutorial. What is reviewed from 2:25 to 3:40, only applies if extended LED control is enabled.

3: MATRIX ZDB in Fibaro Home Center 3 - pair setup

Here you can learn how to set up the MATRIX ZDB to turn on and increase the brightness on button 1 and turn off and decrease the brightness on button 3.


If you want to use keys 1 and 3, set the parameters:

  • P1 = 5 (button 1 + button 3 controls dimmer)
  • P16 = 4 (key 1 turns on/up the brightness)
  • P32 = 3 (key 4 turns off/reduces brightness)

If you want to use keys 2 and 4, set the parameters:

  • P1 = 10 (button 2 + button 4 controls dimmer)
  • P24 = 4 (key 2 turns on/up the brightness)
  • P40 = 3 (key 4 turns off / turns down the brightness)

4: MATRIX ZDB in Fibaro Home Center 3 - associations and correspondence

Here you will have the opportunity to learn how to create associations and correspondence with MATRIX ZDB. We love associations because they work every time - even if HC3 is down for some reason.

  • We'll create three examples using keys 2, 3 and 4 on control button P and associate them with three different lamps.
  • Then we make the three dimmers that belong to the lights report their status back (basic report) to the three buttons that control them.
  • We're also looking at an association tool (Documentation org) that can tell if a basic report might be missing. 


00:20: Control button G has a pairing setup for the dimmer. Therefore, you turn on and turn up the brightness on button 1 and turn off and turn down the brightness on button 3 - see video about this.

2:57: With new associations, you may find that you have to tap twice the first time you use them.

5: MATRIX ZDB in Fibaro Home Center 3 - backlight control

With an integrated smart home from Logic Group, you can easily change the background color of your MATRIX with the QuickApp "QBL: Backgroundlight". You can also change the lighting in a schedule for each group of rooms you have. See how it works here.


00:44: For comparison, you can see the standard light in the MATRIX in the image on the far left. This MATRIX is not yet registered.