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MATRIX ZDB5100 has many options for configuration and adjustment to specific needs. One of these is the option of controlling and automatizing the LEDs to light in different colors, intensities and with flashing light.

Below is a description of how this can be utilized using Fibaro Home Center.


Flash 7 128
OFF status 6 64
ON status 5 32
Direct control 4 16
Flash frequency in 0,1 s  3 8
2 4
1 2
0 1


When the selected values in the table above are added up, we get a new value (a byte) that the device will be able to read. Just remember that each number can only appear once, and it does not always make sense to add up several bits.

Example 1: Make MATRIX light 50% green in OFF mode

Enter the following values in a Block Scene:

G: 127, W: 64

The above means that the color R:0, G: 127 og B:0 (green) lights in mode W: 64, that is when the MATRIX device is OFF.

Eksempel 2: Make MATRIX flash red in the event of a direct impact

Enter the following values in a Block Scene:

R: 127, W: 148

So how did we get to 148?

Only one combination makes 148 according to the Table, that is:

128 + 16 + 4 = 148

Translated to human language: We want Flash (bit #7=128), direct control (bit #4=16) and flash frequency 0,4 s (bit #2=4).

Actually, the value 16 can be omitted as the value 0 also will result in direct control.

If we want a slower flash we can add the values of bits #0-3 to sum max. 1+2+4+8=15 (1,5 s). The 4 values can sum up all integers from 1-15.

NB: The extended LED control must be turned on

To utilize the extended LED control as described in the above,  configuration parameter 10 must be set to 1.