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When changing the settings of a Logic Group product, this will often be done by setting configuration parameters (read the manual for the specific product about the different types of parameters). Select an arbitrary logical unit, as the configuration will be applied to the whole device.

If, for example in MATRIX ZDB5100 one wishes that the LEDs in pushbutton 1 should follow the status of the lamp (in stead of the standard setting, that it lights up in 5 s) one should set parameter 20 to the value 1. This is how:



First choose a logical unit for the selected device under the menu Devices and click the wrench:


Click on the tab Advanced.


Scroll down – in the bottom you will find a group called Configuration.


In the bottom of this group, click on the button Add Parameter, see above.

Then a line appears with the option of setting a configuration parameter.

In the field Number type 20 and in the field Desired value type 1.


Lastly, click on the floppy disc icon  in the right side of the screen to save the configuration in MATRIX.

This will transfer the configuration to the device, which will probably happen very quickly. However, you can follow the status in the log window in the top of the screen.

Now, it oftens happens in HC, that the parameter that was just entered seems to have disappeared. This is just HC that needs an update, so just click F5 on the keyboard or update website. This should do the trick.

In this example, MATRIX will now light up in blue in pushbutton 1 when the lamp is on and turn off when the lamp is off.